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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Truman "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen (Topeka)"

Warning ... the following ramblings are just that, ramblings about the Ks. Legislatures in 2010.

Stand up ... develop a back bone! That's how I feel right now when it comes to most of the current legislators that have arrived in Topeka. They  ran on tickets telling their voters that "THEY" are the ones who should be elected because of their qualficiations. "THEY" are the ones that can make a difference.

Well, here we are faced with one of the most difficult situations in history. Instead of standing up and taking action, many of our legislators are running behind the power brokers (other legislators who control money and political power). Yes, decisions are going to be tough ... but make them on your own! Don't let some political boss tell you how you should think or vote. Don't vote one way because you want to be re-elected. Hell, if your doing what's right and it costs you the next election, so be it, but the odds are things will be better and you'll be safe. Of course we won't know what is right or wrong for awhile so maybe by doing nothing you can blame someone else when the next election rolls around. It's a  lot easier pointing fingers at others who at least try vs. individuals who do nothing!

Let me give you one example that jumped out at me today. On the way home I heard on the radio that employers' unemployment insurance taxes are automatically going up. This is caused by the increase in the number of people on unemployment. If the tax isn't raised, unemployment funds will run out by late February. So  the legislators can argue they didn't raise taxes - this was something that others had passed years ago and went into effect automatically. So ... "I didn't raise your taxes" can be the battle cry. But wait ... if we continue to cut, cut, cut at the state level, it leads to more and more people without jobs. They, in turn, have to get unemployment benefits which puts more pressure on the system which in turn creates another automatical increase in the future. Legislatures can say "Not my fault"! Seems to be a cycle developing.

We hear that things are slowly turning around, but instead of taking action that might help keep that turn around moving forward, let's cut state spending which will lead to more layoffs and in turn reduce the amount of money being spent in the state. Less money being spent means less tax dollars, so lets cut more state spending.  Another cycle begins. STOP THE MADNESS!

Then I learn today, a number of my local legislators have raised so much money for their next campaign run that they have 2 or 3 times more funds than the total amount spent in their last campaign. Why ... why do you need that much money? Where did that money come from? Stop campaigning for more money and do your job!

I've also heard the talk about how the legislators need to take action that causes them a little pain by cutting the number of days they work. Of course once this was introduced, folks began to back peddle because it would cause others to lose days of work. DUH... that's what's been happening in education and other areas already. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD! Then add expense cuts ... don't even get me started on a daily allowance of $116.00. POOR FOLKS ... maybe they need to eat at McDonalds a few times. Hell, I'll give you a raise IF YOU JUST STAND UP AND DO YOUR JOB! Make a difference that's why you chose to run for your position in the first place. That was your attitude before the political system took over your mind and stopped you from thinking for yourself. STAND UP! STAND UP!

In President Truman's famous words ... "If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen (Topeka)!" or  "The buck stops here!"  JUST STAND UP AND DO THE JOB WE ELECTED YOU TO DO NOW not after the next election!

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  1. I agree they have some prorities out of place. The cycles will continue and the blame will keep going .