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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Check-In Window Is Now Open

Check-In Window Is Now Open

Today I met with several members of my leadership team and IT about how we will collect the 600 iPads this spring when schools out. Here's our plan and I would love to hear suggestions from others.
  • Last day we have an optional 1/2 day we call "Early Release".  Students can leave or hang around and work with teachers during the afternoon. Our plan is to collect the iPads before we dismiss.
  • Our last hour teachers will be asked to do the following after their final.
    • Check the ID number of the iPad against the list provide by the office.
    • Teachers will walk students through removing "Find my iPad" since it's creating issues for us.
    • Teachers will walk students through "Resetting" the iPad back to factory.
      • If there is a problem with resetting or removal of "Find my iPad" the student will be sent to a near by IT table in the halls to trouble shoot.
    • Teacher will place a label onto the jacket that has the students name, ID number and bar code (using library system to track check-in) . This label will also be provided by the office. Any label not used will be returned to the office to track missing students.
      • If a label is missing - teacher will create a hand written label and then submit the name of the student to the office.
    • Once all this is done the teacher will sign and give the student the check-out sheet that indicates the student has completed the task and the teacher has checked the ID number. 
    • IT representative will come to your classroom.
      • Will collect the iPad and do a quick check for damage.
        • Scan the bar code.
        • If there is visual damage this will be noted on the sign in sheet and both the student and the IT representative will sign the sheet.
        • If there is no damage that will be noted and again sheet signed.
      • The sheet will be collected by the IT representative.
    • Once all rooms have been covered we will dismiss for the year.
Any suggestions or advice?

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