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Welcome to my Blog. Here you can find the ramblings of a old high school principal. I've created a number of blogs over the years for a variety of reasons. A large number of them I use with my staff which are password protected from the outside world. This blog is for my fellow educators and anyone else who wants to read the ramblings. I guess my target would be building administrators, future administrators, teachers and educators in general.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mircoblogging ... Plurk vs Twitter

I created both a Twitter and Plurk account years ago but just couldn't get into it. Then one day Kevin Honeycutt came to town and we sat down to discuss the pros & cons of Plurk. Well, from that moment on I've become a big time Plurker! I post almost daily and try to answer others plurks every other day. 

The advantage to Plurk is when I have a training or presentation to give I can turn to hundreds of educators to give me feedback before I do my presentation. I've found hundreds of useful websites and software programs to use thanks to Plurk.

I now, have my Plurk so it post on my blog site and my Twitter site. I did have it posting on Facebook but I didn't think it fit well with the Facebook model.

I strongly urge everyone to explore the benefits of mircoblogging

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  1. at least now i can follow your plurks thru your twitter account; wish I could do both, but all the librarians i need to be following are on twitter. Saw this site today and thought of you: http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2010/02/running-for-office-campaigns-and.html. Are you still teaching history courses for highland or anyone else? One of these days, if you are, I just might take it for fun :)